p:  503 708-6910

e:   jo@joannaworks.com


I have been a producer for commercial photo shoots and videos for 19 years. I am  highly collaborative, and nearly unflappable, working very closely with art directors and photographers to meet the unique needs of the project--from sourcing custom-made pink double dutch jump ropes to finding fried chicken and waffles at 3AM.


Additionally, I am a freelance writer for local and national newspapers, magazines and online publications. I also love storytelling and curating; among my projects is co-founding the Judy Blume celebration known as Blumesday, profiled by NPR, the New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor and Entertainment Weekly.


I live in Portland, Oregon. I work here, there, and anywhere. 


I can spot a great cookie from a mile away.


I dream in Bee Gees lyrics.


I can help you get it done.